Terms and conditions
29 Jul 2015

Rental agreement
The vehicle lessor’s personal identification number, address, Vilnius, hereinafter referred to as – the Lessee and UAB ”ATIDI”- RentaCarVilnius, car rental, represented by Director Dalius Kažukausko, company code 302824272, address Pagirių str.4, praise, Vilnius district, hereinafter referred to as – The landlord, concluded the following agreement:

1. Subject of contract
1.1 Permit, hereinafter referred to as car hire, temporary use of the Lessee (rented car), gov. Nr.XXX 000 kb / no. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the value XXXX, XX €, hereinafter referred to as – Assets owned by the Lessor
2. Car rental price
2.1. Property Rental price – €. A one-day rental price €. All rent and deposit must be paid by the car’s withdrawal date.
2.2. The deposit for the car XXX XX € (xxxxxxx euros). Deposit. The deposit is not refundable if the tenant refuses, the date to rent a car.
2.3. Car lease mileage limit for the period XXXX kilometers. Exceeding the mileage limit Lessee shall pay Lessor after 0,09 (nine) cents plus VAT per excess kilometer mileage limit.
3. Lease term
3.1. Rental period is from 20XX. XXXXXX month. d. XX.XX hours. to 20XX. XXXXXX month. d. XX.XX h., Total – X days.
3.2. If needed, the parties’ agreement, the car rental period can be extended or shortened:
• The Lessee shall pay Lessor for all actual days of rental rate specified in paragraph 2.1.
• The lessee within a period specified in paragraph 3.1 does not return the property to the Lessor (except in the case specified in paragraph 3.2), for each subsequent day the Lessee pays Property Rental price – € 100 for one day, but not longer than 2 days. Later, the contract is terminated and shall enter into force 12 of the Treaty Section.
4. Property Transfer-return place
4.1. Gariūnų autoverslo center, 157 lot, Vilnius.
4.2. Handing over formalized estate transfer-acceptance act.
4.3. The vehicle must be returned clean. When any dirty car, the deposit is returned within 5 working days and the landlord pays 5.00 euros charge for cleaning.
5. Use of Assets
5.1. The lessee acquires the right to use assets from the asset transfer-acceptance act of the moment of signing.
5.2. The lessee provides the lessor that to all of the contractual conditions are fulfilled:
5.2.1. The property benefits sustainable, according to the technical documentation of the assets and purpose will carry the manufacturer’s Property Asset maintenance and operation of the rules;
5.2.2. The tenant commits to not exceed a maximum of 130 km. / h. Above this fixed and agreed maximum speed limit, the Lessee shall pay Lessor penalty of EUR 100 per vehicle Wasting. Speed ​​determined by the GPS device support.
5.2.3. an insured event within two (2) working days, the phone will inform Lessor of property theft, damage or destruction of the circumstances and obstacles that have been taken. Failure to comply with this obligation the Lessee, the Lessor’s request, undertake to pay 300 € fine.
6. Tenant Law
6.1. The tenant has the right to:
6.1.1. the use of the property under its direct purpose. Using assets are output or income is the property of the Lessee.
6.1.2. transfer of the property temporarily available to third parties. After the transfer of the property available to third parties, the Lessee shall remain responsible to the Lessor for asset condition.
7. Lessee’s obligations
7.1. The tenant commits to:
7.1.1. unencumbered, nemainyti, vacant, sell, or otherwise transfer the less than give (except for 6.1.2. in the cases referred) to a third party, it nelaiduoti, unsecured, and to take all measures in order to avoid the Lessor’s property rights over the assets of the third-party side;
7.1.2. perform all of the insurance contract with the Insurer conditions and prevent conditions that can be the basis for the Insurer to refuse payment of the insurance premium or reduce its size, appearance;
7.1.3. not to use the assets of the Republic of Lithuania normative acts prohibited activities;
• operation of the Assets of the Republic of Lithuania to comply with regulatory statutory environmental requirements and immediately notify the Lessor of the Asset environmental damage;
• Do not use the car the Republic of Lithuania, or the country where the ride, normative acts prohibited activities. Do not exceed the speed limit. To compensate for the loss of all the car owner if the car: broken, damaged, stolen, crashes, suniokojamas, missing or otherwise loses its value. To compensate for the losses in full against an invoice or estimate. To compensate for all car owners suffered damage that will result from: my actions relating to the use of the car, or inappropriate use, or loss of, or confiscation, as well as fines for traffic rules, regulations violations, etc., As well as all the car transportation and the cost of repairs if the car is damaged the car during the rental period. To compensate for all the damage suffered by the owner of the car, which will appear: for insurance events not provided timely information about events that have occurred concealment.
7.1.6. timely and proper conduct of the other contractual terms and obligations.
7.2. The tenant within five (5) business days written notice to the Lessor if:
7.2.1. changes in the contract specify the tenant address, telephone number, fax number or bank details.
7.3. The tenant confirms that:
7.3.1. the date of signature of this agreement is the subject of not initiated any legal proceedings;
7.3.2. all documents submitted in the future to provide truthful;
7.3.3. Renter’s decision to sign this contract is in force, adopted in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the tenant’s Articles of Association or other tenant-binding instrument.
8. Lessor’s rights
8.1. The landlord has the right to:
8.1.1. directly or through persons authorized to inspect the condition of an asset and its operating conditions.
9. Lessor liabilities
9.1. The landlord undertakes:
9.1.1. follow in the covenants and obligations;
9.1.2. within five (5) calendar days to notify the tenant in writing about your address or bank requisites;
10. Risks
10.1. If the property destroyed, lost, damaged, wear out prematurely or otherwise damaged due to the Lessee’s fault or other circumstances which, according to property insurance contract is not regarded as an insured event, or if the insurer is the Lessee’s fault not pay insurance benefits, the Lessee shall pay Lessor € 300 fine, Assets are immediately repaired by the manufacturer authorized service.
If the property can not be repaired Lessee shall within two (2) weeks of the insurer’s formal refusal to pay the insurance premium receipt compensate the lessor for losses.
11. Property insurance
11.1. Assets benefit of the lessor, are insured against accidents, natural disasters and accidents (including third parties caused by a fire and explosion) and theft. Casco insurance is valid also Europe. Taip The property is insured for civil liability.
11.2 Lessee’s disagreement with the insurer’s decision not to recognize the asset loss, destruction or damage of an insured event and then follows legal disputes does not release the Lessee from the fulfillment of the conditions of this contract.
11.4 Casco insurance deductible is EUR 300 in case of emergency, an occurrence that the Lessee shall pay the franchise.
12. Termination
12.1. The landlord has the right to terminate the lease if the car:
12.1.1. The tenant of the property used in violation of this agreement terms;
12.1.2. The tenant does not comply with this Agreement 7.1.1., 7.1.3., 7.3. above obligations;
12.1.3. The Lessee, the Lessor despite written warnings, fails to comply with other conditions specified in this contract.
12.2 Lessor termination of the contract in accordance with paragraph 12.1, or the tenant in any case, termination of the contract, the Lessee loses the right to use the asset. Assets within 2 (two) working days to be delivered to the Lessor. Return of the property is confirmed Return-transfer act:
12.2.1. The tenant is required to transfer the property repaired, technically sound the same designs as the date of signature of this agreement and in this state, which corresponds to the natural asset depreciation. If the condition does not return the Property to the requirements of this paragraph, the Lessee shall at his own expense to eliminate defects in the Property Asset manufacturer’s authorized service or compensate the Lessor the cost of estate recovery.
12.2.2. Asset transportation, storage and other assets to the lessor related costs and all risk is borne by the tenant.
12.2.3. Lessee breach of the contract 12.2. the conditions set out above, the Lessor has the right to recover the assets. In that case, the recovery cost and risk is borne by the tenant.
12.3. This Agreement shall be deemed terminated after two (2) calendar days after the country’s written notice (including fax) notice of termination was sent.
13. The parties to the contract between the posts
13.1. All the parties to this contract relate to each other shall be communicated in writing to the parties referred to in this agreement addresses or other address that one party to the contract is a written notice to the other party to the contract. Urgent messages can be sent to the phone.
14. Validity
14.1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its signing and is valid till complete its covenants execution or termination in accordance with the procedure established by this agreement.
15. Amendment and Supplement
15.1. These Terms and Conditions are amended or additional agreement between the parties signed the agreement, which is an integral part of this contract.
15.2. These contract amendments or supplements shall enter into force from the moment of signing and is binding on all the parties to this agreement for execution.
16. Dispute Resolution
16.1. All of this award, execution, modification, addition, extension of responsibility and contentious questions are resolved by mutual agreement of the parties ..
16.2. If this contract 16.1. above mentioned issues can not be resolved by negotiations, the dispute arising from the Republic of Lithuania dealt with according to law.
17. Other conditions
17.1. The contract is made in two equal legal power copies, one of which bears the tenant, and the other – the Lessor.
17.2. If any provision of this Agreement is in conflict with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or other legal acts, this fact does not affect the other terms of this agreement expires. In this case the landlord has the right to unilaterally change the existing normative acts contrary to the condition of the other closest in spirit, the legal condition and shall immediately inform in writing the lessee.
18. The parties’ legal addresses and details
The landlord Tenant