Important Information
5 Aug 2015

  1. Advance car rent reservations are accepted for a longer than 1 day period.
    Do you need a car for less than 1 day? If so, please, contact us less than one day before the beginning of a car rent and we will give you an offer.
  2. A short period of car rent (1-3 days) is the most expensive. However, rentacarvilnius is loyal for its customers and provides discounts.
  3. All car rent prices include all taxes, insurance and technical assistance on the road 24 hours a day.
    If you rent a car for more than 16 days, we will offer a special, long-term car rent price.
    The price of car delivery can differ depending on car delivery/pick up location and time.
    Usually, car delivery is free of charge.
  4. Car security deposit – the security deposit is different depending on the particular vehicle, the amount from 150 € to 300 €.
    The deposit, as payment for a rental car, taken in different currencies and bank cards.
  5. It is prohibited to use fuel of unknown origin or agricultural fuel for rented cars.
  6. If the car broke down or you feel that something is wrong, you should call us anytime by phone +37062030444.
    Do not try to eliminate defects by yourselves. Leave this work for professionals.
    All rented cars have a free of charge assistance on the road.
  7. Please, do not smoke inside the rented car!
  8. When car rental time is coming to end, please, tell us car return time by phone +37062030444.
  9. The lessor has the eligibility to deliver another vehicle (the same class or bigger). Also, the lessor has the eligibility to cancel the order and inform the customer about it.
  10. Possible delivery or withdrawal of the charges, if the lessee returns the vehicle outside working hours, or car is delivering or collecting not in the Vilnius city (about additional charges our company inform customer by e-mail).